Beschefer Project

IEP's Beschefer properties


consist of one block of claims that are 100% owned, and immediatly south of the B14 gold discovery owned by Excellon. On the other block of claims, IEP has a 20% Carried to Production interest with Yorbeau owning 80%. This block is adjacent to the B26 base metal discovery owned by Soquem.

B14 Zone


Excellon had drilled the B14 Zone to the boundry of IEP's 100% claim block, with it's best assay being 55.6g/t Au over 5.57 meters (uncut)

B26 Zone


Soquem had drilled the B26 Zone the the boundry of IEP's 20% claim block. It now has a resource of over 11 million tonnes.


         The original group of 27 claims was first acquired from E.H van Hees and drilled in the winter of 1995. That drill program encountered, as identified by Drs. W. MacLean and T. Barrett,  Mattagami type Fiiib Rhyolites west of Mattagami mining camp for the first time,  The claim group was expanded by another 211 claims during the staking rush that followed the discovery of the Fiiib Rhyolites (Lesher et al). 

The property was optioned to the operators of the Selbaie Mine, Billiton, and in the next few years Billiton would discover both the B14 and B26 zones at the boundaries of the IEP claim package. The property was returned and in 2003 the property was optioned to Yorbeau Resources with the exception of the down plunge of the B14 Zone which was excluded. During Yorbeau’s 5 year Option Agreement they acquired an 80% interest in the claim group leaving IEP with a 20% carried to production interest.